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Our People

Clif Reynolds (Owner & CEO)
My father started in the furniture business in 1952. He worked and managed all areas of production and later started Mastercraft Inc. I found my passion for this business through my father, and was inspired by his motto, "Would you buy what you build?' Since starting with Mastercraft in 1981, I have continued to learn much from his teachings. I am privileged to work with a vast majority of extremely talented and motivated people that have an unlimited amount of potential. Working with them and relying on our talents to provide products that preform beyond expectations continues to excite me. Seeing successes out of failures and having the honor to work with people that never quit trying to do their best reinforces my father's motto. I do buy what we build!

Doug Cline (VP of Operations)
With over 32 years experience at Mastercraft and the vast majority of those years spent monitoring its operations, I have realized two things: 1) Our customers needs are very important and 2) Everything needs to be done on time. The items that we build are a reflection of my ability to manage the work force. Mistakes are going to happen, and it is part of my job to correct them. I know furniture inside and out, and I like the challenges it brings. I carry a deep and personal pride in my job and I know that we can build anything that sales can sell.

Dave Toney (VP of Sales)
In 25 years at Mastercraft I have had the privilege of working both with and for many types of people and the one thing that I have come to enjoy is seeing my customers with a smile on their face because of the work that we do. I pride myself in doing the best job that I can for my customers and Mastercraft. I have sold and provided customer service to most of the leading RV Manufacturers in Northern Indiana. Everyday provides me with a new challenge, the chance to meet new people, and to continue providing them with a product in which I believe.

Jeff Zolman (Account Executive)

I have only been with Mastercraft for 6 short years, but in that time I have been surrounded by over 100 years experience in dealing with furniture and the RV world. I understand the importance of good customer service and how to fix a problem as quickly as I can if they arise. Mastercraft provides me with a good work atmosphere, a team that works hard to get the job done, and the quality product that our customers are looking for.

Malinda Mills (Showroom Manager)
The aspects of my job are public relations and trying to gain new accounts and after market sales. We provide great deals on everyday home furnishings and all recreational needs. My philosophy is to provide quality furniture at great prices and make sure that customers feel comfortable and are happy with their purchase so they will use us in the future. We understand that fabric goes out of style so when dealers from across the United States need the same quality product that was originated in the RV they should contact our showroom.