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Factory Tour

Welcome to one of the world’s most efficient furniture factories! Here we’d like to introduce you to the highlights of our modern production process.

Factory Exterior
This has been our main production facility since 2003 and also houses most of our corporate offices. Production and storage space totals some 231,000 ft.2 In general, we adhere to just-in-time manufacturing principles and keep on hand as little inventory and work in progress as possible. An average of forty tractor semi-trailers pull up to our docks every day to load finished goods. (Image Right)

Pattern Making
Pattern Making is an art, and these team members are artistes par excellence. With their experienced eyes and hands, they can look at a custom design on paper and almost instantly transform it into a pattern used to cut fabric. We at Mastercraft pride ourselves on our ability to turn our customers’ dreams into reality—quick! (Image #2)

Our team members are currently on break, but this is typically one of the busiest areas in the plant. Using the aforementioned patterns, they cut stacks of fabric into individual pieces for use in upholstery. (Image #3)

Our sewing pros are some of the best in the biz! Their tasks are too numerous to list here, but they help give our furniture that extra-special “Mastercraft finish.” (Image #4)

Finished Frames
These frames—each of them guaranteed for life—will not be sitting here long: We use thousands of them a day. The vast majority of our frames are made of light and sturdy poplar wood with every joint given extra strength. (Image #5)

Cushion Stuffing
These team members are using a special vacuum apparatus to stuff our cushions nice and plump—just like our customers like ’em! (Image #6)

Fabric Inventory
Although we like to hold a minimum of inventory, we do keep on hand sufficient quantities of modern, luxurious, stylish fabrics so that we can realize the customer’s vision quickly and easily. We also have thousands of fabrics available online. [Fabrics] (Image #7)

These warriors of the stapler gun do what no machine can—upholster furniture perfectly every time! The luxurious feel of Mastercraft chairs and sofas is a result of their tireless care and precision. (Image #8)

Finished Chairs
These chairs—representing just one style among the many thousands we produce—are ready to be shipped out and delight customers across the country. (Image #9)